How It Work

Getting started steps

Make Your Primary Email List

To begin sending email campaigns, it is essential to create your initial email list. This list serves as your identification as a sender and contains your information. It also enables you to make various decisions regarding your subscribers. Each list operates independently, allowing you to customize it according to your preferences, including subscribers, custom forms/pages, and custom fields.

Managing Your Subscribers

After creating your email list, the next step is to import subscribers into it. To do this, navigate to the lists area and click on your list title. Then, access the Tools box and select the Import option. You will have the ability to import subscribers from a CSV file, a text file, or another database, as explained in the provided documentation.

Starting a Campaign

Once your list is set up and subscribers have been added, it's time to create your first campaign. You can choose the desired list for sending and, if applicable, select a specific segment within the list. You have the option to create a new template exclusively for the campaign or utilize an existing one. It is crucial to test all campaigns before sending them to ensure their effectiveness.

If you wish to assess your campaign's spam score, you can utilize the provided tool for testing purposes.
Once you are satisfied with the campaign's setup and appearance, proceed to send it and enjoy access to highly detailed, real-time statistics.